Security is our Priority:-

Travel24hr is fully committed and ensuring reliable security of all sorts of information available at our website via conducted transactions. We responsibly ensure the following:-

  • We employ contemporary and high-end technical security measures in account to protect our user’s personalized information. 
  • Customized systems retain the user’s personal information and it can be encrypted wherever possible.
  • Personalized codes like User ID’s and passwords are assigned to the account holders.
  •  Secure messaging environment holds all the shared messages.
  • Within a specific interval of time we deliberately monitor & review transactions to acknowledge the potentially fraudulent situations and take requisite steps to mitigate and avert all sorts of damage.
  • We constantly update and review our security arrangements.

We comprehend the value of privacy:-

By accessing Travel24hr.com, your confidential information will automatically get stored in our servers and there’s certainly no need to get apprehensive about the same as it’s being done to uphold a high level of confidentiality.

The stored information may not specifically identify you. We might use this stored information for our general Web traffic analysis and other such purposes.

Constantly, our technical experts conduct statistical analysis and they can possibly utilize your unique identifying information for the same.

The mandatory information you’ll unveil while getting associated with Travel24hr will only be shared with the suppliers. No third party can access your personal account and share, sell or divulge your classified information.

Our privacy policies are meant to crop confidence in you regarding Travel24hr. We are indubitably committed to you and protecting your secret information. At Travel24hr, we’ve enforced the best technical minds to execute superlative physical and technical security procedures that promise you 100% safety and security of your data. Being an account holder you must maintain data accuracy and ensure usage of correct information. We’ve employed existing and advanced technology and internet security methods.